Transportes Nacionales S.A. (TRANSNASA S.A.) and RodavĂ­as Costarricenses (ROVICSA), S.A., are two companies of ground transportation for tourism, 100% costarican, that during the past 45 years have brought to their costumers services based on honesty, security and hospitality. Our personnel is highly qualified, responsible and kind, which are whiling to show our country, costumes and tropical beauties.

Our costumers will enjoy the beauty of our country's scenery with the warmth and hospitality that characterizes our people, making you're vacations an unforgettable experience.


Bring national and foreign tourists a service of ground transportation, abroad our spacious and modern units granting a comfortable, secure and personalized service.


For further information, contact us to:
Tels. (506) 2226-4234 y 2227-5827
Fax. (506) 2227-0898