Our fleet is composed by a variety of units destined to please the diverse demands of the national and international tourists, reason for what we offer:

Buses with a capacity of 40 and 52 passengers ,declinable seats with high chair back ,panoramic windows, air conditioner , restroom ,T.V. with VHS , beverage Cooler ,spacious luggage carrier

Minibus with a capacity of 26 passengers,declinable seats with high chair back,panoramic windows , air conditioner , T.V. with VHS , beverage Cooler , spacious luggage carrier

Minibus coaster style for 18 passengers with Air conditioner


For further information, contact us to:
Tels. (506) 2226-4234 y 2227-5827
Fax. (506) 2227-0898
E-mail: info@transnasa.com